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WAGONER PLUMBING is experienced in handling a wide range of installation and repair needs, from remodels to new construction only quality parts and plumbing fixtures are used to exceed your expectations. You are the most important person in our business, and our company was built with you in mind. CONTRACTORS? Your welcome too! If you need assistance with any of the following plumbing items, please call us for a FREE ESTIMATE!   918-857-0430


Kitchen Sinks


Water Softeners

Sewer Line

Laundry Centers

Gas Meters

Bath Sinks

Bathtubs & Showers

Water Heaters

Drain Pipes

Garbage Disposals

Gas Vents

Back-flow Prevention

Clogged Drains


Septic Tanks

Pipe Repair

Floor Drains

Grease Traps

Washer Lines

*Water Heaters

Water heaters are the mainstay of any busy household. If you're like most people, ready and ample hot water keeps your household running smoothly--from showers, baths, and laundry to dishwashing. Our dedicated plumbers insure that you have hot water when you need it by maintaining your tank or tankless system and all its pieces and parts. We service and install both traditional tank style and tankless water heaters. We also provide emergency plumbing service in the event your water heater stops working.

*Water Conditioning/Softening

Many of today's homes utilize a water conditioning or softening system to increase the quality of the water and reduce the minerals in water from both municipal systems and wells. Regular maintenance and upkeep of this equipment will provide you with the best possible available water for all your home needs.


Drains are any exit point from the home that deliver used materials to a sanitary sewer or septic system. They become clogged as grease, soaps and hair build up over time. Our plumbers un-clog, and if necessary, replace drains and minimize your drainage problems.


A sink or basin is a bowl-shaped fixture that is used for washing hands or small objects. Sinks can also include a garbage disposal system for food waste which, over time, can become clogged. Our plumbing professionals un-clog drains and keep the flow going.


A toilet is a plumbing fixture and disposal system primarily intended for the disposal of bodily wastes. By checking the seals, the flushing mechanics, water flow and the drain system, our plumbers insure that waste products find their way out of your home properly.


A faucet is a plumbing fixture that can provide cold and hot water for use in the kitchen, bath, laundry and outdoor purposes. We repair and install faucets to maximize your water flow.


Pumps are utilized to move liquid from one location to another, preferably away from the home. Like any piece of mechanical equipment with moving parts, they wear out over time and need to be repaired or replaced. We service a variety of pumps to keep the water flowing.


Today's bathrooms feature an array of shower and tub designs. Most are conventional tub and shower combinations, others have water jets, shower heads and faucet designs. Our licensed plumbing specialists are masters of all shower repairs, bathtub drain repairs, water pressure issues and even installations/replacements.


In the kitchen, large quantities of food and debris that end up in disposals can overwhelm and clog the kitchen sink drain. Few things are more frustrating than a kitchen sink that won't drain. Wagoner Plumbing repairs and replaces broken disposals to get your sink back to normal in no time.

*Pipes and Sewers

Water delivery systems in the home are either for domestic water or wastewater products. Our plumbers inspect, maintain and can re-pipe your lines to keep the water flowing in the right direction.